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Whether you are taking a bottle of your favorite balsamic vinegar with you or are returning from a business trip or holiday with a bottle of your favorite Wine, it is important to protect them from being damaged during transport.  We were once forced to wrap our bottles in an extra T-shirt or bubble wrap, place them in our car boot or luggage and hope they made the journey undamaged.  No matter how well we packed, there was always the possibility of a bottle breaking and leaking onto and damaging, or ruining the items around it.

We no longer have to worry about bottles breaking and leaking if we have a VinniBag.  The VinniBag is designed to securely hold a standard 750ml wine bottle but can be used for a multitude of fragile items.  Instructions are printed on the bag and are clear and easy to follow. Bottles are inserted into the bag, the air chambers are partially inflated, the bottom is rolled up and secured, and the air chambers are fully inflated

A little bit more about Vinnibag

Two years of intensive product development and testing has resulted in a unique concept for an inflatable travel accessory called a Vinnibag, the bag is the brainchild of a mother and daughter team based in southern California USA.

Vinnibag is brand new to the UK. It has been enormously successful in the US, sold in over 500 stores, has expanded into 7 other countries, won prestigious awards in the US travel  industry and was featured in an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art honouring its design.

The Vinnibag is a reusable travel accessory with inflatable air chambers that protects and insulates the contents providing superior impact and leak protection. The bag is engineered to withstand significant fluctuations in altitudes and temperature meeting all airline and TSA requirements.

Because of the open architecture, this travel bag can accommodate many different shapes and sizes its ideal for liquids, grandma’s jam, perfume, shampoo or anything else that could spill in your suitcase or car boot. The bag also acts as a great lumber support whilst you sit at your desk, or bath pillow.

Roschet Media Ltd are the UK distributor for the Vinnibag and we would be happy to answer any questions relating to the Vinnibag you may have. Visit the the contact page for more details